Strawberry Icebox Pie

Yields: 16 Servings Difficulty: Easy Cook Time: 30 Mins

Looking for a cool treat to help you beat the heat? This is the pie for you!


0/7 Ingredients
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    Quick Jam
  • Cream Filling


0/3 Instructions
  • Make a quick jam of fresh strawberries, lemon or lime juice, and sugar on the stovetop. Simmer for a good while to thicken the mixture and cook out a lot of the water content. Allow it to cool completely.
  • Thaw the whipped topping slightly so it can be mixed easier. Mix in sweetened condensed milk and lemon or lime juice. Add cooled strawberry jam to the other ingredients and combine with a stand mixer or hand mixer.
  • Spoon the creamy filling into graham cracker crusts, and place in the freezer for 2 hours to set up. You can also refrigerate it overnight for the same result only a little slower. Slice and serve to cool down on a hot summer day!


You could certainly cut this recipe in half, but I like to have a second pie ready and waiting in the freezer for a scorching hot day when you don't want to turn on the stove and heat up the kitchen.

Making your own graham cracker crust is very easy if you'd like to give it a go. Crush graham crackers, form a really rough "dough" by mixing in some butter, and press it into a pie pan. No additional steps required!