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Organic Produce Delivered?

“Where do you get all those organic fruits and vegetables you post about all the time, Dave?” is a question I answer weekly if not daily. The answer is Misfits Market! Every week I get a delivery of fresh organic produce at a discount of about 40% off grocery store prices! It’s clearly a no-brainer for me, because I live in a food desert… 25 miles from any decent grocery store. You read that right… 25 miles! It literally costs me more to drive there and back than it does to just have it delivered to my door.

So what’s in it for me to promote a service like this? Matching discounts on future boxes is what I benefit. You use my code and get whatever discount they are offering, and I get the same discount on my next order too. It’s a sweet deal, but that’s not why I do it! I want everyone to have access to organic produce, and I want you all to get a great deal on it… Yep even you, person I don’t know!

Half of you have already skipped ahead to this part, so here it is… Use code COOKWME-QK3GKU at, or click here for automatic code and you’ll get at least $10 off your first order. You will also be cool like me, and you’ll help me feed the hungry kids above some healthy food! Please help… They are eating me out of house and home 😁

AboutDave Palmer

Chef Dave Palmer was born in the Southeastern United States (AL), moved to Atlanta, GA as a kid, and rural Florida as an adult. After a successful six year run as owner/operator chef of Dave's Cafe & Gifts, his focus has shifted home to raise his four kids. Feeding them healthy whole foods, less processed junk, and sharing his kitchen creations so other can do the same have become his mantra. Let's get cooking!

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