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Cooking Conversation

Organic Produce Delivered?

“Where do you get all those organic fruits and vegetables you post about all the time, Dave?” is a question I answer weekly if not daily. The answer is Misfits Market! Every week I get a delivery of fresh organic produce at a discount of about 40% off grocery store prices! It’s clearly a no-brainer …

Cooking Conversation

YOU Can Cook!

If I can create and operate a successful restaurant without one minute of previous restaurant experience, YOU can cook at home successfully! I realize everyone doesn’t love food as much as I do, but you’ve gotta eat, so why not eat well? That’s what Chef My Life is all about… encouragement for the home cook. …


One Pan Method

[Foreword: This is a fairly long article because it is the basis for a lot of future posts and recipe ideas that will be linked back to it, so read it before you jump into one pan cooking, and I won’t have to repeat myself. Cheers!] Some people make a HUGE mess when cooking, and …